Alllllllllllll aboard…

the struggle bus. This song was written for a friend of mine who uses this phrase as frequently as the struggle bus itself stops. We’re both waiting to get off the struggle bus, in fact. Right now she’s sick at home, and we have a charity show to do tonight. Bleh. The struggle bus continues….

1002 Thoughts

I couldn’t decide where the line between the poems written on the program were so I just divvied them up later.   Here’s one, or hell, maybe two:   “There are two different poems here,” I reflected. “But I’m not sure which is which and what the other one is all about.” Approach the ranks…

Repair Me What?

If you’re wondering where the name Repair Me Well came from, it’s a play on words, like so much in the Thin Places series. If you’re not ready to think and take notes, you’re going to miss the majority of references and clues in the series. But I will give you this one. Repair Me…

Calendar of Men

Here’s a song I recorded earlier this year. Based on my author friend’s, ummmm romantic exploits. That author shall remain nameless.

Sock Stalker

Recorded this song earlier this year. It’s based on true events.