Never trust

Never trust a man who wears a suit to the bar.    

Happy Halloween!

Let’s celebrate with a little creepy poetry! Shall we? Creepy Feelings I know you’ve got a creepy feeling That someone’s staring from the ceiling. Pretty sure I’m not on the ceiling. I’m suspended right behind you. You’ve got no right to look alarmed. It’s only me tap-tapping at your arm. There’s not much more I…

Time to Burn is OUT!

Just in time for Halloween! Time to Burn is available now only on Amazon as a Kindle download or paperback. Two guys named John try to save the universe. One of them is dead.

She Definitely Causes Catastrophe!

What’s the catastrophe this week? It takes less than a minute to find out. Let’s just say our intrepid… ummm… harbinger of catastrophe makes a day trip to Cincinnati in….

Calendar of Men

Here’s a song I recorded earlier this year. Based on my author friend’s, ummmm romantic exploits. That author shall remain nameless.

Sock Stalker

Recorded this song earlier this year. It’s based on true events.  

She Definitely Causes Catastrophe

Here are the links to the first episode of She Causes Catastrophe, in case you missed it! They Might Be Giants fanship is recommended, but not required.