Writing 101: Writing Mysteries


Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th part of Writing 101. We have made the halfway point y’all. Today’s lesson is about writing mysteries.

Writing mysteries is very difficult. It’s actually one of the most difficult types of story to write. Mainly because you know who the killer/killers is and you have to conceal it all the way through the piece and the longer the piece of work is the more torturous that can be. Needless to say, when you start writing a mystery story you have to take your hat off to people like Agatha Christie who wrote over 80 mystery stories and still managed to keep each one fresh and interesting. But though it’s a hard form, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done so let’s look at some tips which can help you on your mystery writing journey …

Writing Mysteries

1. The Killer/Killers Need To Both…

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