Alllllllllllll aboard…

the struggle bus.

This song was written for a friend of mine who uses this phrase as frequently as the struggle bus itself stops. We’re both waiting to get off the struggle bus, in fact.

Right now she’s sick at home, and we have a charity show to do tonight. Bleh. The struggle bus continues.

The artist name is technically “The Eudemonics,” but I’m really the one playing all the parts in the song, including the flugelhorn accents. =P Occasionally, on other tracks, my spouse will chime in with some Weissenborn or double bass, but the Struggle Bus is all me.


I think this might be a personal best, at least in recording. I used about five or six tracks overlaid to get all the vocals and flugelhorn bits added to the main guitar and drum track. I’m finding with the Neo Tascam I have the less you have to do with the mastering phase, the better. It’s best to optimise your input and fiddle with your volume to mix, but all that other stuff about compression and the nitty gritties, well, I find I cause more problems generally by dicking with the mastering settings.

The guitar is still mixed a little heavy at times, but with a baritone guitar, if you want the full rich sound of the instrument, with the set up I have, I find you pretty much have to choose your battles. Either it’s going to be quiet and kinda tinny, or the bass notes are going to get fuzzy if you strike them too hard.

Again, input optimization is key, which is another way of saying, don’t play like shit and it won’t record like shit.

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