1003 Thoughts

Last in a series.

It’s been a long year and we’ve all heard a lot of things we could’ve done without.

Some times they come crashing down on you when you least expect it and you’re left scrambling, trying to figure out where scribble it down so you don’t forget.

Sometimes the only place to write, is between the lines.


She sings but is unheard.

She recites the lines unwanted,

a blind eye turned too unkind.

She breathes some air, until informed,

it is not intended to be shared.

But, I suppose,


We need good doctors, too.


“Do what you want, no one agrees with you.”

We need good doctors, too.

Break my heart, I’ll burn your CDs

How dare you say that shit to me?

Like that we need good doctors, too.

But how unlike any other view,

to be always locked-in outside,

But remember,

we need good doctors, too.

If you stand up, strike this tune,

we’re done with you.

We still need good doctors, too.


You know too well not to question value.

We need good doctors, too.

Unwanted, unwanted, worthless failure

Oh, what to do?

I suppose,

We do need good doctors, too.


Sometimes a phrase kicks around your head,

Probably won’t ever leave you.

Like, “Oh, but we need good doctors, too.”

Sometimes, it gets said to you-

“Oh. c’mon, man.

We need good doctors, too.”





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