Happy Halloween!

Let’s celebrate with a little creepy poetry!

Shall we?

Creepy Feelings

I know you’ve got a creepy feeling
That someone’s staring from the ceiling.
Pretty sure I’m not on the ceiling.
I’m suspended right behind you.

You’ve got no right to look alarmed.
It’s only me tap-tapping at your arm.
There’s not much more I can really do,
I’m just the one who’s haunting you.

I’d admonish you not to be afraid
But you don’t seem to follow what I say.
Doesn’t matter how much I yell and flail.
Everything comes out as “eerie wail.”

I mean when I was alive
I followed you like nine to five,
Now I’m the lover that will hover over in your dining room.
I’m surprised, a little horrified, that it might shock you.

I mean when I was alive
I followed you around, until you found out.
One accidental, tangential act,
And you put an end to that.

You can call the priest, the scientists
ghost hunters and exterminators
You can break the lease, while I play Fur Elise,
A see-through finger lingers on the ivories,
And I’ll still be haunting you much later.

If we can get past the wail, bones and moans,
I’ve got random words to say, turn on all the radios.
Yes, I’d like to sit, but I just sort of drift.
That’s the thing an exasperated ghast would do;
Especially the one who’s haunting you.

In short,
If you want to make peace with me, this is what you must do:
Wrap your arms around this ghost
for she’s the one who loves you most.
Every night I’ll return until you learn
To love the one who’s haunting you.

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