The Weekly Read…

OKOK I’ve been sneaking this one in at work, and it was totally worth it.

The Fool’s Gambit is part paranormal carnie romance, part snarkalicious mystery fest.

It takes all those parts of other vampire romance stories you thought were a bit laborious and ditches them. You know, like excessive dong descriptions and a build of of the vampiric mysterioso that makes us all rolllllllll our eyes.

Orin, the vampire, is apparently a dead carnie/fedora wearing detective type guy. We dunno at this point. But we do know one thing. Bitch is craaaaaaaaazyyy. No spoilers, that shit is pretty much established in Chapter 2.

The “human” love interest? A posh voodoo priestess named Arianna with an attitude, a really big friend and dark past.

And a new job, killing Orin.

Of course, they ^&%*&%$*()_U$^$*&%(@#& instead, first.

I promise no spoilers, but if you’re looking for a fun, different, sorta bizarre take on the whole vampire romance sub-genre, The Fool’s Gambit is definitely worth checking out.


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