Repair Me Well…

The second book in the Thin Places series is available now only at Amazon!

Artwork by Kiniska Vanck!

You’ve just survived an encounter with a soul consuming demon, what do you do next?
Ewan Coles has one answer: Go home and try to forget the whole thing.

He does try. After all, the world is a scary place when you know you could slip out of it at any moment. Through the thin places, where worlds slide dangerously close together.

Ewan returns to Perth and tries to pick up life where he left off, but Dmitry the unicorn has other ideas. Cymbaline has gone missing, and Dmitry suspects Ewan’s brother Jack is involved in her abduction. Dmitry recruits a reluctant Ewan into a search and chase across the thin places, and in their efforts to locate Cybaline they will encounter new enemies…
And old ones.


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