She’ll look down as she’s looking up

I don’t have a step child, but if I did I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

“Hi, kid. I’m not your biological parent.”

“That much is obvious. By the way, your Alexandrine is awkward and the syllables don’t quite line up.”

I look down at my boyfriend’s baby.
She probably is going to hate me.
She hasn’t yet turned three.
Biologically, she does not belong to me.

I look down at my fiance’s child.
She does not have her father’s eyes.
To point it out might be unwise.
Tho it is his voice I recognize when she cries.

I look down at my husband’s girl.
Feeling like I’ve no business
This close to someone else’s
Child who’s figuring out that it’s Real Mom she misses.

Thanks to the New York Digital Collections for today’s featured image.

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