I Promise Not to…

I sincerely promise not to constantly post rejected and hastily hocked together poetry on this website. Ever.

I most sincerely promise, and I never, ever break my promises.





I Promise Not To

I won’t do those loverly things,
I’m not a bird who sweetly sings.
More like quite the cat who crows.
I’m the quiet one who follows.

I won’t go to baseball games,
Or shop JoAnn’s for discount frames.
I won’t do those loverly things,
Tho I will leave you very un-same.

We won’t sit at the coffee shop
To kiss and discuss Grenada’s charms.
I don’t promise I won’t bring you to harm.

I will not whisper nice things in your ear.
I won’t do any of these loverly things.
But you know, my dear,
That leaves everything else.


Photo credit: http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/03f98620-3055-0131-b537-58d385a7bbd0  year:  1907

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